Queen of Calves STARTER.


It's about adding good bacterium to the calf's digestive system

Healthy calves eat. Healthy calves grow.

Listen to our vet briefly discuss the importance of the milk-feeding phase. Mark Gilmour has been a senior partner in a veterinary practice, been actively involved in the early research of the program and is now responsible for conveying the research findings to rural professionals and the wider industry for Bell-Booth Ltd.  We think the heifer raising process is arguably the most important task on any dairy farm and is a one-off opportunity to invest in the future of your herd.
Listen to researcher and bovine expert from Massey University, Dr Jean Margerison head of Massey University's Dairy Systems. She has studied the effects of the Queen of Calves program on a number of studies at Massey University. She has met a number of early adopters of the Queen of Calves nutrition program. Dr Margerison has observed how heifers at Massey University's Number 4 Dairy have produced a significantly higher milk yield in their first lactation. And she describes the benefits of this New Zealand developed program in that it helps farmers to provide their calves with their energy requirements, but from a non-fat source. It's a breakthrough in raising better heifers. Nothing magic about it all except the results.

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