The importance of this nutrition program


The Queen of Calves nutrition program is quite sophisticated. There's no magic to the way in which it's working.

It is a scientifically established fact that getting early, rapid, lean growth in the early milk feeding phase enables the heifer to produce more milk in its first lactation.

By getting straight line growth in calves, you are able to build on the growth established in the previous week. Positive growth, week on week.

Listen to researcher and bovine expert from Massey University, Dr Jean Margerison head of Massey University's Dairy Systems. She has studied the effects of the Queen of Calves program on a number of studies at Massey University. She has met a number of early adopters of the Queen of Calves nutrition program. Dr Margerison has observed how heifers at Massey University's Number 4 Dairy have produced a significantly higher milk yield in their first lactation. And she describes the benefits of this New Zealand developed program in that it helps farmers to provide their calves with their energy requirements, but from a non-fat source. It's a breakthrough in raising better heifers. Nothing magic about it all except the results.

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