QUEEN OF CALVES STARTER: Mixing & Feeding instructions



Mixing Instructions

Make a mix and feed out, or make a premix then combine with the rest of the milk and feed out. Important: Once you have added STARTER to milk, feed out within 12 hours.

Make a mix (5-10 mins)

Requirements: (1) ABBBA™ (pictured on right) (2) bucket or drum (3) weighscales (4) measuring jug (5) wear dust masks.

Using the feed table as a guide:

  • Transfer the volume of colostrum or milk required to your bucket or drum.
  • Add the amount of STARTER required (When using a bucket,  the ratio for  premix is 100g  STARTER to every 200ml colostrum or milk, or 1kg STARTER  to 2L milk).
  • Turn on ABBBA and mix until smooth and there is no dry powder visible; this  should only take about 4 or 5 minutes.
  • Remove the ABBBA and transfer your mix to the feeding system and feedout  straightaway, 0r transfer the premix into the remaining colostrum or milk  and feedout straightaway.

Make enough for a whole day’s use, for 25 calves in (5-10 mins)

rearingtogoRequirements: (1) REARING TO GO (2) ABBBA (3) single phase electric power (4) weighscales (5) measuring jug (6) wear dust masks.
Using the feed table as a guide:

  • In the morning, transfer 100 litres of colostrum or milk into the tank.
  • Pour in 1.3kg STARTER.
  • Start up the ABBBA and stir for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the ABBBA . Turn on the discharge pump and transfer half the mixture (50 litres) into the calf feeders . Turn off the discharge pump
  • In the afternoon, transfer the remaining 50 litres to the calf feeders.
  • Wash down the mixer after use, discharge the waste appropriately.

STARTER in automated feeding systems (12 seconds)

automatedWe recommend the Holm & Laue Automated Calf Feeder systems (available in New Zealand and Australia). Transfer the dry* STARTER powder into the hopper. The Holm & Laue autofeeder will make up the mix, on demand, in 12 seconds from calf entry to feeder station. The calves will receive the correct amount of product based on a feeding curve to match breedtype. Speak to a Bell-Booth Limited or Dasco Product Specialist; they will design a programme to take advantage of the features of the Holm & Laue system where small daily increments can be incorporated.

Note; some automated feeding systems require STARTER to be liquidized before being fed into the hopper. Check manufacturer specs for details.


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